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February 07, 2012


Fed Up.

“Those, whom worship government, suffer the most debilitating illness. Your perversion is inflicting pain and suffering upon all humanity. The Doctors of freedom will heal you with gentle persuasion, if you insist, by hot lead.”

--Lady Liberty

Tyrant Fighter

Powerball one of the hardest things commanded by Jesus is to LOVE and pray for our enemies. We can HATE the sin but we are to LOVE the sinner, and Jesus died for them as well as us. Try praying for them and asking God to heal your heart as HATE is the work of Satan and of the world.


We will have to take this country back physically. This WILL happen, as the American spirit will not die.

We have been infected by marxist-communists, and it is too late to change that. The best we can do now, is recognize this fact and plan to overthrow our federal government.

America is becoming one of the most communistic nations in the world. Think about it. What can you do, in your daily life, that the feds don't have something to say about? This whole "contraception" issue isn't about contraception. It's about testing the waters. It's about pushing the envelope. They want to know how much they can get away with. They want to know, this election cycle, if they have accomplished their mission of eliminating God from our lives. Combine that with other events surrounding our feds, like "Fast& Furious", which is more than an assault on our 2nd Amendment rights. It's also about arming a certain drug cartel, without the Mexican governments approval, to ensure the flow of illicit drugs into America.

People, we are being assaulted on many fronts; and you sit there watching American Idol. Polls say that this will be a close race for President. Have you eyes? Have you ears? This is some scary stuff folks! I know we don't have much to choose from in the GOP, but we MUST vote against obama (you'd think from a country of 300m+ we could come up with a candidate that all conservatives could vote for), but then again, we are past making a difference with a vote.


So who or what do you recommend?

Bobby J.

So we get rid of Obama and replace him with another dictator, big deal.


Socialism sucks and BO stinks.


Sam, you write, "It's good to hear some good news for a change."
Imagine how grrrrrrreat its going to be on November 7th. to wakeup and hear we have a new President!!
Obamanation Is Over!
You will hear fireworks going off all across the nation!

America, stand together!
For all the things that are going wrong in the world...
These are the times that show your greatness.
This is this generations moment to shine!
Don't let a self serving egomaniac steal it from you!
Defeat Obamanation!

Bobby J.

But now we wont be safe;)


The only thing at stake in the upcoming presidential election is


The most controversial provisions of the Act receiving wide attention are contained in Title X, Subtitle D, entitled "Counter-Terrorism."
In particular, sub-sections 1021 and 1022, which deal with detention of persons the government

!!!!!! suspects !!!!!!

of involvement in terrorism.

The "suspect" was shot at sunrise.
It was later discovered that the suspect was innocent.

Obamanation proves by his actions daily that he knows nothing about how America works.
He is working for another master.
Impeach the dictator!

God, I hate the man!

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