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February 09, 2012



Never mind. I got crossed up with Egypt.


Bobby J,
I understand and agree with your frustration. Honestly, I'm with you 100%. I just don't figure where you're going with it. Like you say socialism never corrects, just free markets do. Yet you argue when I tell you it's going down because first, no one will afford trillion dollar bread nor will they simply lay down and die, yet you think we will get to school vouchers. Then you say socialism will live for ever only the misery index will increase.
Anyway, I know Obama is just a puppet. How else did he rise so fast. I hate him for being such a phoney F...
That is one thing I just can't abide in a person.
The American people are not stupid. And I don't mean that as a simple cliche. If America goes down, so will every country in the world. Americans that don't understand that now will if it happens. I don't care who or what it is, even a dog, once you have something it's not a thing you will easily surrender to some A-hole. It will eat a hole in you until you die. There are only about 450 A-holes out there who are legislating we must give up our freedom. Freedom is a thing you're born with. They'd need to cut it out of each of us. that won't happen. They may have the guns, but we have the numbers; Van Morrison.
So anyway. I'm done. I won't be pointing myself out to them that seems to easy. I talk to people most every day and try to show them how it's all going wrong. It's not that I'm encouraging them to take up arms. They will once they see how their being threatened. I just want them to be prepared. that's the best I can hope for; that each is prepared and ready for himself and for another if they need help.
Meanwhile, I'm just bidding my time. When the time comes a leader will emerge and the money changers will be driven from the kingdom, or else we'll all die trying.

Just one other thing. Why do you think Ray Lahood's (sp) son has been detained in Iran?
Could it be just more of an Obamanation?
"Oh my God, Israel has hit Iran and the prez fears they may have killed the boy before our special forces had a chance to save him. The dear leader just biding his time."
Same scenario, " That's why they got the the bomb. Because the prez had his hands tied. He's been searching for a way to stop Iran and then the kid got kidnapped.

Mark my word!
Obamanation will use it!

Bobby J.


You are rationalizing your fear. Who cares if you are on a list, it is called civil disobedience and I am honored to be on the “list”. There are at least 100,000 like me on the list, and many more who are not on the list, yet and yes we are making a huge difference. It is not the Republican Party. The R party is part of the problem. They share power with the D’s.

Regarding Ron Paul, hitting bottom and total collapse. It is not going to Happen. Ron Paul is THE best read politicians regarding economics, he is wrong on only a few counts. Only markets correct, this is socialism, it will never correct. Ben Bernanke will print more money; soon it will take 1 trillion dollars to purchase a loaf of bread. No biggy, life goes on. Old timers have a hard time realizing just how far America has moved away from freedom. It is hard for Ron Paul and other like him to realize the markets are dead and gone.

Only markets correct, socialism will live forever and only the misery index will increase.

Another area I strongly disagree with RP , Murray Rothbard and others is in the area of tax breaks, credits and loopholes. They view and advocate these items and label them as little bits of freedom in an otherwise un-free world. I view them as the very definition of political power. The old timers also dislike school vouchers and claim it is and expansion of State power and will corrupt any remaining private education. I strongly disagree. Taxpayer funded school vouchers move us closer to an education market. Point is, not everything the old timers say is correct, not even Ron Paul.

We are only governed by consent, NOTHING more.


Bobby J,
You are correct. People need to speak up. A few years back doing what you suggest would have simply landed you in File 13; the trash bin. Now they have data bases and collect your name for their ever freaky "terrorist lists".

Read what you just posted to me again. It reads: "or more likely, when the country is broke and the government is unable to fulfill its promises to the people then we can "start" serious discussions.

One of the first rules of AA, for an alchoholic to recover, is he needs to reach his bottom. Until then, where all holes are barred, when all hope is lost the alchoholic will contrive that there must still be a way to continue the party.
You are right, we can no longer enable our representatives just because they bring home a little bacon for us, or our state. But the little wife at home can bitch all day long and the alchoholic won't stop drinking. He must reach the land of no return.

So be realistic. Your efforts, though commendable, are to little to make a difference. And even if you got 100,000 people to go along with you, to solve our problem more than half of the population will need to join in and for that to happen they and many many more will need to feel some pain. A good lot of pain. They're not ready. Most likely it will come on them through default.

We're not near as bad off as Greece! But the Greeks don't see it either. It's amazing to me that their nation is going down in flames from over spending and the Greek people are out their burning what buildings they have left. So maybe they won't understand until they see rubble. Look at Germany. Those people didn't see what Hitler had done to them until the allies started bombing Burlin.

You've heard the story what the old bull said to the young bull haven't you?
But again, take heart. I can see the whites of their eyes. Be still. Hold your fire.

Bobby J.


I reread the essay, because you asked. The second to the last paragraph says this:” Once enough of us decide we've had enough of all these so-called good things that the government is always promising – or more likely, when the country is broke and the government is unable to fulfill its promises to the people – we can start a serious discussion on the proper role for government in a free society. Unfortunately, it will be some time before Congress gets the message that the people are demanding true reform. This requires that those responsible for today's problems are exposed and their philosophy of pervasive government intrusion is rejected. “

The actions I suggested accomplish what Faithful Husband, Dr., Congressman, President Ron Paul has suggested. Tell your overlords in a peaceful manner, you do not want anymore. Don’t rely on your elected officials, do it yourself. Write letters revoking your consent to be governed. Initiate tax reduction and spending limitations. Support industrial hemp. Say no too intrusive questionnaires. Refuse to pay taxes and err fees. Stop voting unless for freedom measures and freedom candidates. Attend City and County meetings and protest NDAA, Patriot and other attacks. There is probably a list of 20 things, which if just a small percentage of people were to do, would provide just enough pushback.

Most people don’t take real action because most people are full of hot air.

Take it or leave it.


Bobby J,
I shouldn't be using my time today to respond. I have a hundred things I want to do and I've come to the point where I believe conversations such this one with you won't matter anyway because you don't know me and are preaching to the choir. But, I will try one last time by telling you a little about myself.

For starters, I'm fairly sure I'm old enough to be your parent. I think this because I've noticed that you get around the Net very well; posting this and that to help make your points. I, on the other hand, have not for long had that resource. I have learned by living. I have seen inequality dealt out to those without power to speak-up to it. And then I have had those same victims turn their wrath on me, thinking I belonged to an adversarial group because they couldn't see me for who I am, even though I sympathized with them completely. Although not fully, I have a fair amount of American Indian heritage and not usually correctly identified. This isn't something I use or laud; it shouldn't have any basis to the conversation. I'm just an American. I only mention it because they have divided us on race and class, but when you feel those lines are invisible to you or you have been incorrectly labeled you feel more at arms-length.

We have gotten ourselves into a corner with PC correctness. People can barely speak to anything without charges being raised. So we find ourselves in a shadow world where attitudes and gestures are for safety left to interpretation. Now its not what you say but whats between the lines, what's not being spoken, or left guessing an interpretation from half-truths and even lies. Its all just code from which the blind must gain a sixth sense. But without sound leadership we find ourselves fractured. This is the source of my disillusionment with Obama. He had been given such a huge gift/trust. Finally, a Blackman being elected president. He squandered it miserably. Forget the economy and international issues, race relations have been set back a hundred years by Obama. My rantings, as you call them, are nothing compared to revile he will receive when he meets his maker. I am but imploring to the heavens how obviously unjust it has become by 'just allowing the being' of this man. I know quakes, tornados, tsunamis, famine and the rest are not punishments from God, but question Obama, the good he could have done, but has made matters so much worse is unconscionable. It is a modern-day Trail of Tears.

Over the years I have seen Americans change. A mans convictions, honestly and talents are no longer values to be considered in him. Instead its how much money he has, how special is his job, how big is the house, how many cars, vacations, etc. In simple everyday conversations the bragging always leaks out. And its not through any accomplishments were these gains are made. Its through entitlements, privileged positions, law suits, tax evasion, and stealth. Now, I look around at those I know: friends, neighbors, and family. I have tried speaking about universal wellbeing for everyone without calling anyone out in particular over their unsustainable perception of themselves, but the response has always been, "I'm glad I got mine when I did". Now, I can't stand any of them any more. In the past few years I have alienated almost 2/3 of the people I know through simple inattention to them. I'm saddened by that but I'm also more at peace in my surroundings. I see their rat-race but am not caught up in it. To you I say, notify all the agencies you wish. I won't give them jack and don't see the need to tell them anything. Its a waste of time.

I read the link you provided, We've Been Neo-Conned. That's fine, but really so what? Ron Paul is exceptionable. But he won't win the nomination. Read the article again, we're far to gone even if he won the presidency. What Paul is advocating should have been done 30 years ago. To do it today would cause great upheaval. But don't be faint of heart, its happening anyway. No election can stop it! It will come and in short order. Just take care, be as prepared as you can for you and yours. Good luck and peace.

Bobby J.


Regarding your straw man, the public notary quandary, declare your sovereignty and revoke your consent to be governed without a public notary. Simply sign and date your declaration and mail it to every governing authority, law enforcement agencies and newspapers.

Go to Townhall, comb the books. Refuse to pay certain illegal taxes and fees. Refuse to compply with certain registration requirments. When the census comes around, give them 1 and only 1 legal answer, the number of residence living at your address. When the Community survey comes around, tell them to scram. Use your citizen’s initiative here in Colorado to launch tax reduction measures.

I have done every one of the above suggestions, multiple times.

Stop hating Obama the individual, it has blinded you and made you impotent. Obama is a puppet...

Bobby J.


You are the one who is always ranting and raving here at Greeley Report; I was merely reducing myself to your level in an attempt to communicate. And now you claim to be the king of calm, lol.

Although public education and television has destroyed your attention span and ability to read, you need to read the answer to your earlier question. You asked, what do I suggest? Well it is simple, there is an exception to every rule and Ron Paul is the exception.

If you can, read this short article titled We’ve been Neo- Conned, you will have your answer.


Bobby J.
The operative word in your statement is 'absence'.
"A notary could swear for my name in absence of the totalitarian regimen you worship."
Thus, your argument is self defeating.

As to the rest of your rants, it appears you have gone rabid, snapping at anything that moves. Chill-out.

Bobby J.


It is not racism for everyone, just you. You hate Obama the man more than you hate the Federal Levithan he was handed and will pass to the next overlord.

Bobby J.

A notary could swear for my name in absence of the totalitarian regimen you worship.

You guys act all tough, but the second somebody suggest something real, you go running back to the State. Powerball I always knew you were nothing more than loud mouth fake.

Wacky Tobacco? Dennis is that how you deal with reality? Anybody who rocks the boat must be on drugs? You are on the drug called government.

Like I said, you fakers should put up or shut up.

“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.”
― Marcus Tullius Cicero


Bobby J,
Racism is it.
Read on buddy:


Bobby J,

Me tinks you been smokin too much of that wacky-tobacky.


Just curious Bobby J.
When you revoked your consent to be governed and sent it off didn't your notary ask for your legal name, tribe, and it's location?

Bobby J.

"But Paul is not really the GOP’s problem. It’s his followers, perhaps as much as 15 percent of the general electorate, many of them young, vocal and highly energized. Like Paul himself, they’re not exactly party regulars. No, Paul and his followers promise to be a lot like that fired employee who, if “handled” incorrectly at farewell, will make it his life’s work to, if not bring your organization down, at least show you how very wrong you were to cut the cord.

The Republican Party would be flat-out careless to let that happen." Jack Welch

Bobby J.

Oh and BTW,

Every single one of your grievances is a SYMPTOM of fiat currency. Richard Nixon, a REPUBLICAN, pounded in the death nail, 1971 AD.
Now, today, we are all anti-government extremist, on the “List”.

Revoke your consent to be governed and declare you Sovereignty. Write it on a piece of paper, have it notarized and send it to your local, county, state and federal governmental authority. Send it to your news-paper in both the opinion section and legal notice section. It is your ONLY hope.

In addition, initiate these measures; anti-tax, pro Hemp and or Cannabis, peacefully possess force equal to government (not just impotent hand guns and hunting rifles), right to sound money, right to zero inflation, right to purchase over the counter vitamins/supplements/herbs, right to homeschool, right to keep fruits of one’s labor, right to OWN property free of perpetual taxation(rent).

I have, have you?

Put up or shut up.

Bobby J.

No Powerball I think you are just this stupid.

You lay everything at the feet of Obama, probably due to your latent racism. This is so much more than Obama. These government criminals are not stupid, they have above average IQ and they have a specific plan. They are cloaked with both the Republican and Democrat label. It is far worse than you think.

A White Republican President will do nothing to save us.


A ha! But we don't have a bunch of drunken sailors running our government. What we have is a real live snake! For don't underestimate Obamanation. He knows the payroll tax deduction and paying for it is a bunch of BS.
He is just chip, chip, chipping away for more debt. HE'S PILING ON MORE DEBT!

Look folks, this isn't tax money to the Feds. Payroll taxes are Medicare/Medicade, Social Security, and yes Federal Withholding Taxes. Medicare/Medicade and Social Security are programs designed for your benefit.
is defunding those programs for crying-out-loud!
When you need them they won't be there!
Federal Withholding Taxes are collected from your payroll weekly and sent to the Federal government once every quarter. IT'S A FREAKIN FREE LOAN YOU GIVE THEM UNTIL APRIL 15. But when most people complete their income tax forms those dollars withheld are in many cases returned to you via a tax refund. Your taxes are reduced at tax time by the standard deduction, the number of exemptions you have, medical costs, home mortgage deduction just to name a few.
So really??? How is he paying for this? He's not!!!! It's more borrowed money!

Think about it. If we didn't have such a huge national debt reducing payroll taxes would make sense. People would be working and much more money would flow to the government. But when our economy is in the state it is these tax dollars are being borrowed to pay for those who a currently using those programs. Mostly the very poor and the elderly.

I have posed this question to you before. Do you think Obamanation is really this stupid or do you think he alternative motives that are not to your best interests?

And lastly here's a heads-up for you. Watchout if Obamanation starts getting to involved with Syria. Russia is making a lot of money selling arms to Syria and Iran. If we were to go into Syria -Russia could make a lot more money. News is the embassy in Iraq is confined because of the unrest in that country since we've pulled out. And they don't like us any more than they did before that war. The same will happen in Syria.
Not one more drop of our sons blood should be spent!


Let's see now.... we'll pay over the next 30 years for 2 months worth of payroll deduction.

Not even a drunken sailor would buy off on that. Which means that we'd be better off with a bunch of drunken sailors running our government, than we are with this bunch of ass-wipes.

....anybody think we'll recover?

I'd laugh, if it weren't so painful


Not only that but the HIGHER INTEREST RATE "doesn't" affect existing mortgages.
That is why Obamanation was at a church gymnasium in Virginia pushing his new "Streamline" (more transparent he called it) loan process.
He wants as many SUCKERS as he can get to refinance their loans; begin paying this higher interest rate.
So, if you receive a paycheck your deductions will not increase. But if you also get a new mortgage the higher interest will cancel out any deduction you thought you were getting. Over the life of the loan , typically 30 years, you will pay $9,500. more in interest!
In otherwords, Obamanation has a targeted audience again. The only people paying for his spending this time is those that get new mortgages.

This man stands before you and lies through his teeth every time he opens his mouth.

Impeach the sucker!

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