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March 28, 2012


Bobby J.

So the Feds need 1 and only 1 source of revenue. Tariffs. The more communist your country is, the more we tax your trade.

States, Counties and Localites can handle the rest.


That makes too much sense. When was it decided that the federal government should be involved in our personal lives? Where in the Constitution does it say anything about health care, abortions, the EPA, FDA, or even social security.

Is it a broad and vaguely sweeping interpretation of "the general welfare" of the people (citizens)? Wouldn't the "general welfare" be better served if the federal government kept their noses out of our lives? Would we be better served by having less debt? How about smaller government? What if we handed welfare back to the churches? Would we have less religious conflict if our churches once again served a purpose in our communities?

just wondering

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