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March 08, 2012




Americans are no longer in control of their own military.

This has gone farther than I thought. It is time for responsible citizens of the USA to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights aggressively. Be prepared to be self sufficient. Your neighbors will be coming, so have at least a little to share with them. Water. Guns and ammunition. Silver. Dry goods.

Get a good plastic 55 gallon drum or two, or three, and bury them in your backyard to catch any runoff from your roof. Acquire a means to distill this water for human consumption. Bury one of those concrete vaults in your backyard, and get some gas masks (Ebay). Do not answer the door if you do not know who it is that comes knocking. They WILL be coming for your guns & ammo. Establish a line of defense on your property.

This is real folks.


This sharia in the dining hall makes me sick. Why are we giving in to everything these people want. This food they claim to eat has to be cooked and served in a separate area using special utensil and etc. I am outraged that taxpayers put up with this baloney........Stop it now.....


I watched it.

Invited by other governments, lol.

America needs a Defence system controlled by congress and a spontaneous citizen militia, that’s all folks.

The military needs to be broken into 1000 pieces and privatized ASAP.

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