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March 09, 2012



If it was only tru Americanz that were alloweed to vote. To many pinko commie leftist liberal progresso nazi fascio dems running the media today and stuffing are heads full of liez! We has shifted so far to left in Ameica I Kant recognize my country. Not everyone is. Smart enough to vote. So many don't see the truth.


Modern Republicans are out of their minds. The party has lost its way.


Regardless of the truth to the following post, I will be considered a radical right-wing extremist. A few years ago, I would have been considered typical. Typical American.

My how times have changed.


Many of us are so stuck on the treadmill, trying to keep our heads above water, that we have precious little time to spend with our families let alone take up a cause to save our country. Saving our country may be more important than family at this juncture, but we have lost much, much leverage. Our enemy, the liberal-marxist-communists, have much headway and it is a bit late to make the necessary changes politically. We have slept too long. We have watched too much TV. Buried our faces in our "smart-phones" too long, gone along with legalization of illicit drugs, not had much to say about homosexual unions, and have been paralyzed by the media when it comes to leveraging race to benefit the marxist agenda.

Those of us that are willing to work for a living, and not receive handouts (buy-offs) from the government, are weary and worn paying taxes that are not enough to keep the greedy leeches at bay.

The difference will not be made at the ballot box. Americans, true Americans will be faced with something much more traumatic.

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