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March 05, 2012



From a "birther"


AZ sheriff Arpaio is 100% correct about obama. What are we going to do about it?

WARNING: This government is destructive!


Well said Truthsayer. Isn't it ironic that the CPI excludes gas and groceries? Can anybody afford anything else? I can tell you in the last 2 months that groceries are up about 15-20%. If gas goes up much more I won't be able to afford to go to work.

This is just the beginning. The feds have been hiding the true facts (unemployment @ 8.2, yea right) from Americans. obama and his Chicago-style thugs are hoping to maintain this mirage until after the election. Then, if obama is re-elected we are finished.

Dollar = 0


R’s and D’s tell me to live on a simple inflation increases of 2-4% annually yet Tabor, which does the same thing for government, is somehow not good.

Who are these idiots that are shrinking the citizen and growing the government? Who are these idiots that hold such wretched double standards?

If CPI or other inflationary indicators are good enough for the individual then they are good enough for government!
And that’s just to break even, in all reality, tax rates should ALWAYS be shrinking. Notice I did not say revenue, I said tax RATES should always be reducing!

Tax rates are intrinsically and proportionally related to slavery.
Slaves paid a 100% tax rate.

Mankind is 35-50% slave; to this foreign/alien entity we call government.

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