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March 26, 2012


Rick Jones

Tryvon's would be avenger's decry Zimmerman for acting without an established threat and insist he did things they can not know he actually did; they rush to judgement and many will be satisfied only when they execute Zimmerman; truth be damned in their view, no time or need for that. They remind me of the lynch mob in the classic movie The Oxbow Incident. Blood thirty and lacking patience, fairness or perspective. Damn them for the intrusion into our lives of their uncivil nature.

Bobby J.

This shooting story is lame. We should not even be talking about it as we are not privy to the facts.

Probably never know.

I wish Zimmerman could have avoided violence. If boy was committing crime, charge him, otherwise leave him alone.


As in the mechanics of a Tsunami.
Not a movement of water from point A to point B, but a movement of energy through the water.
And to which benefit; that of the water or of the land?
What laws set this phenomenon into being?
Is there a "Necessity" that supersedes the laws of man?
Which is older, the world or man?
Does the world have a history before man?
Is it possible World History could go on without man?
Ask the dinosaurs and all other extinct species.

In the face of such a massive question doesn't it seem logical that the only solution is in the power of 1.
Doesn't even the Bible say, the truth is within you and shall set you free?
Do you not appreciate your power of 1?

Bobby J.

Hey look over there at the innocent boy, while over here we start WW3.

Bobby J.

1000 more Zimms and crime would all but cease.

Bobby J.

I understand all the arguments and would like to offer an additional view. The media hates it when any person does any government job. For example, representing oneself pro se. Or in this case, bypassing LEO and judicial.
I think it is a media/government employee union thing.

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