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March 30, 2012



Sorry everyone. I now freely admit that I am a fraud. I love the John Birch Society and follow its tenets religiously.

I see conspiracies everywhere. The world and this country are doomed.

I'm going to Washington state with my family and attempt to live in the same bunker that the murdering survivalist used before "offing" himself.

By the way, I don't really own the Pirate radio station. My inlaws bought it for me as my present for marrying their daughter.

I was on the school board in order to eventually be named the superintendent...that way I could receive a bigger paycheck. I need the money to buy more supplies for when the New World Order takes over in 2108.

Good luck everyone in surviving what's to come.


You can't even get on the site except for archives.

Reese/Sam didn't pay his bill to keep the site up and running.

He's got a history of not paying his bills.

Check out his story on his furnace a few years back. Hilarious!


Reese is toast! Down the tubes he goes!
Sorry, I've been dealing with my tenants? Yea, right...wanna buy a bridge?
Your lies are so transparent.

Bobby J.

Now that last comment is funny once you read this,lol.


Sorry, everyone. I've been busy dealing with my tenants.

Bobby J.

I think Sam finally realized Republicans are not much better than Democrats. Both parties seek State power so they may control and dominate the individual.

Soon, Sam will be back championing liberty and condoning statism regardless of party.


New guy, I've noticed the same thing.
After his defection from the school board you haven't heard much from our fearless leader.
Something seems amiss. Could it be that his far, far right agenda is crumbling?
Powerball, TyrantFighter, greeleygirl and the rest of his cadre of syncophants are strangely silent. Why?
Methinks his "empire" is crumbling. Slow and steady but crumbling nonetheless.

newguyobserver new posts by "Sam" since March 30. Hmmm.

Is "Sam" leaving town? His newspaper is not making it. His radio station is not making it. Now his blog is not writing anymore.



...and it will continue to be a problem


This ship sailed in the 1960s with Medicare. Health care has never been a market-based enterprise. Whether Obamacare stands or not, the government's hand in health care will continue to be the driving force.

Bobby J.

WASHINGTON — The individual insurance requirement that the Supreme Court is reviewing isn't the first federal mandate involving health care.

There's a Medicare payroll tax on workers and employers, for example, and a requirement that hospitals provide free emergency services to indigents. Health care is full of government dictates, some arguably more intrusive than President Barack Obama's overhaul law.

It's a wrinkle that has caught the attention of the justices.

Read more:

Bobby J.


The only thing muddy is the unthinking brains of most Republicans/Conservatives.

Bobby J.


"While I’m heartened that many conservatives understand this mandate exceeds the strictly enumerated powers of Congress, there are many federal mandates conservatives casually accept. The Medicare part D bill-- passed under a Republican President and a Republican House--mandates that you submit payroll taxes to provide prescription drugs to seniors. The Sarbanes-Oxley bill, also passed by Republicans, mandates that companies expend countless hours of costly manpower producing useless reports. Selective service laws, supported by defense hawks, mandate that young people sign up for potential conscription. I understand the distinction between these mandates and Obamacare, but the bigger point is that Congress routinely imposes mandates that are wildly beyond the scope of Article I, Section 8.

Perhaps the most important lesson from Obamacare is that while liberty is lost incrementally, it cannot be regained incrementally. The federal leviathan continues its steady growth; sometimes boldly and sometimes quietly. Obamacare is just the latest example, but make no mistake: the statists are winning. So advocates of liberty must reject incremental approaches and fight boldly for bedrock principles. We must forcefully oppose lawless government, and demand a return to federalism by electing a Congress that legislates only within its strictly limited authority under Article I, Section 8." Ron Paul


O Brother. Here we go again; terminology and definitions.
When before have you ever been told you "must" buy something?
Don't screw around.
If you don't want airbags or CO2 sensors buy a classic auto.
Same for everything else; you don't have to buy it, you just want something beyond the power of your will.
Firstly, your mad at yourself.
Secondly, must find someone else to blame.
Thirdly, muddy the water so nobody can see the truth.
Old women are snippers.
Fire in the hole!

Bobby J.


You act as if Obama is the only President or elected official to ignore the Constitution.

Also, the Constitution has been amended 27 times; therefore it is not what you read in your history books. Stir in many Supreme Court Decisions and executive orders, and most of what Obama and other elected officials do now, is unfortunately lawful.

What we need to do is narrow the political window, that is, chain them down again.

Bobby J.

No, I do not agree with Obamacare, nor did I agree with the previous federally mandated HMO'S enacted in the year 1974.

I just think it is funny people are acting like this is the only example of government forcing you to purchase something.

Hopefully you all make the connection soon.


So Bobby J, what you are saying is, that you are in agreement with obamacare?


No Greeleygirl, I don't think you voted for him but that's exactly the point -it doesn't matter. He has trashed your rights and doesn't care if he gets your vote or not. He is working to overthrow the government and Constitution of the United States.
Give him four more years where he doesn't need to worry about another election and you'll be ready to move to North Korea!
That will be realized by everyone one day after the election -Marshal Law!

Bobby J.

I think the difference between mandate, tax and regulation is being overblown.

All 3 require me to pay for something I may or may not approve of.


Powerball, do you think that I voted for this guy or what?

Bobby J.

I did not want airbags or O2 sensors.


The difference is Obumble care is a mandate not a tax.
Mandate: an authoritative command or instruction.

Our Constitution declares No Taxation Without Representation.

Who signed Obumble care? Not congress, but the Dictator and Chief -Obamanation!!!
Dictators, tyrants and kings mandate!

From that day forward, the first Black prez, enlisted every new baby born in the US into debt for the rest of his/her life!

What an American he is!


Bobby J.

I have to buy government mandated stuff all the time.

Nearly all my taxes are used for stuff I dont use, need, want or condone.

How is Obumble care any different?


In this context it means non-black.


Technically Hispanics are caucasian.

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